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Pasta CUP

From the Italian heritage to the innovation of Pasta Berruto.

Instant Cup Pasta Ready to Eat in 3 Minutes.

Easy Montali

Ready-To-Serve Sauce

The “Easy” range from Industrie Montali combines classic tastes with a modern, practical slant. The wide choice of EasyMontali products is designed to suit many different needs and is aimed both at the Retail and Ho.Re.Ca sectors.
Industrie Montali guarantees that its products contain no preservatives, colourants or antioxidants whatsoever.


ExtraVirgin Olive Oil

The best extra virgin olive oil meets the flavors and aromas of the natural ingredients of the Italian tradition.



A line of soft drinks products, 5 different Flavors of Italian Heritage memory are made with carefully selected Italian ingredients without the use of preservatives

Pinsa di Roma

Roman Style Pizza

Pinsa is a style of hand-pressed pizza dough that has been a part of Roman artisan baking and cooking for over 100 years. Pinsa (pronounced “peen-sa”) is an Italian delicacy that's just beginning to be discovered outside of Italy.


La Pizza di Napoli

We have made the BEST Neapolitan Frozen Pizza ever. Brick Oven Baked and Hand Made by our artisans Pizzaioli Napoletani...

Ma tu kevuo' ? Pizza...of course!  


Pan Brioche

Like the Italian Panettone from Milano's Recipe our variation is a Four Seasons PanBrioche made in Italy, Amalfi Coast...

New York


Washington DC

...dall'Italia con Passione

La Bomba®


Carmine Mancuso, 60 years ago, in a small Village of Calabria Region in South Italy, invented the Bomba Calabrese, the best Calabrian Chili Pepper Spread made only with high quality Vegetables of region. Still today Filippo Mancuso continues the Family Tradition...

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